God is calling us to believe Him for a HARVEST!


Every year, between Passover and Pentecost, God does a shaking. People may of recently exited your life. You may be in a state of transition. Plans for your future may be uncertain. But all of this is in the hands of God if you are called by His name.

When we entered into this year, while in prayer, God gave me specific instructions for you and continues to do so. No matter where you are in your walk with God, I believe He is calling you to a place of purpose and destiny.

This is how our 2017 has unfolded so far:

  1. God began to talk to me about the POSITION of Esther. The true church will always win because God is NOT in trouble. God will always raise up a man or a woman to stand in the gap and make up the hedge. I believe you are the generation that been raised up. You are the generation that will participate in the outpouring of God’s Spirit that will bring about the great harvest to come.
  2. We put God first in January through dedicating the first things to God. I have taught for years on the life-changing principle of First Fruits. We observe the first month of our year on our calendar as dedicated to God, with our time, our prayer, we fast, and we give our finances. ALL FIRSTS belong to God! It sets the rest of our year in order.
  3. God spoke to me from 1 Kings 18. In order to fix the famine, we had to fix the drought. God sent a prophetic word: “The drought is over!” I heard the sound of abundance of rain. It was time to prepare ourselves.
  4. God told me to get His people prepared for prophetic ministry by understanding the principles behind it. Prophetic ministry has the ability to ACTIVATE, it produces ANTICIPATION, gives a NEW PERSPECTIVE, brings RESTORATION and PROSPERITY
  5. As I was returning from my travels in Asia, God began speaking to me about evidence coming to God’s people. Specifically, the Spirit was saying just as with God’s healing of the lame man in Acts 4 was the evidence of the authority by which Peter and John spoke, so you too will receive EVIDENCE from the Lord, your God.
  6. As Passover approached, God started preparing us calling us to be introspective… looking in and renewing our mind with the mind of Christ. And then God spoke to me about a harvest as we started to look towards Pentecost Sunday. By the Spirit of God, I saw a harvest for us as individuals and a harvest corporately through new dedications by the confession of faith. So I asked God to target our faith as a ministry. He said to believe Him for 50,000 souls for the 50 days between Passover and Pentecost.

Testimonies and praise reports have been coming in from all over! I thank God for every shared and unspoken answered prayer. God is SO FAITHFUL to us!

We have made it our mission to ask for a confession of faith in Jesus Christ from every person that follows Paula White Ministries. Not only is a decision for faith in Jesus the most important decision of your entire life… God is getting ready to steer a remnant of people by prophetic and apostolic ministry towards purpose and destiny.

I can not do anything for you if you do not have your faith in Jesus Christ.

There will be a dividing of the chaff and the tares from the true wheat that the Lord has planted. So this is why I must know where each and every person stands with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are approaching Pentecost Sunday on June 4th. I must hear back from every person on this email list before June 4th. If you are saved, and have your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please click here to proclaim that as your testimony.

Just as there was a move of God in the book of Acts, so we are believing God to move in the lives of every person who has given a confession of faith in Jesus.

For those who have an ear to hear, God is prompting people all over the world to sow into our campaign to reach 50,000 souls. If you are one of those people, please give as the Spirit of God has lead you to do so. As you sow towards this harvest of souls, I am believing God to return to you a person harvest and increase! God gives seed to the sower. (2 Corinthians 9:10)

As you sow into Paula White Ministries, I want to sow into you with the Word of God.


Available now is a package with my latest teachings for the season we are in (Esther and “Looking In: Living Victoriously by the Mind of Christ”). Also, included with this is a prophetic message on EVIDENCE. In this audio recording, I go into detail about the Word that God recently gave her about the Body of Chris. In addition to all teaching resources, I will ALSO send you the Paula White Ministries ‘Covenant Living Holy Bible’.

More offers are also available.

As you sow into the Kingdom, I am coming into agreement that you will lack no good thing. You will prosper no matter where are you are. As you serve God, anything you set your attention to will be BLESSED according to the Word.

When God gives an instruction and we are obedient, God is a REWARDER… It is all through the Bible and I have personally witnessed this in my own life!

God has given us the goal is 50,000 souls for the Kingdom before Pentecost. A major harvest is coming! As you stand with me, I am believing God to give you supernatural increase as a display of EVIDENCE of His FAVOR in your life! Do not miss this!!

I love you and I am praying for you.


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