Drain the Swamp: DOJ Has Charged 4 With Leaking Classified Material

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  1. Joey, these photos are fantastic! We had so much fun that day, and I’m so happy that there are so many photos of us laughing together! We will definitely be framing the remake of the This Years Model cover: LOVE THAT. Thank you so much! And thanks for your sweet comment, Natasha — “unseriousness” could easily be our motto…

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  8. It’s awful around here, too, in NC. I’ve seen many die who didn’t live to see their 60s, hell, some even their 30s, much of it due to lifestyle choices, though. Living recklessly seems to be rampant in the US.Between the rise in routine alcohol and drug use and the epidemic of both childhood and adult obesity, Americans have the mistaken notion that they can do anything and it won’t affect their health. Maybe it’s just the Darwin effect working.

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  33. Brilliant. So well written, thanks for sharing as I’m sure there are a lot of other parents out there who don’t have very helpful schools who will be able to use this as a good starting point for themselves. Definitely the right tactic to take. Formal is the way to go, and that way there’s a documented track to look back on and measure success against too. It’s not your daughter who’s failing, it’s others failing to understand her. Bravo. (sorry, been watching too much X-Factor

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  88. Thank you for your words and blessing Bob! Honestly, I do it for me because it helps in my life, and I am grateful to be able to give back and have the great fortune to know that it makes a difference to YOU. It does work and all I can say is keep on working it and give back where you can…because that works too ;D All of you that visit my site are in my thoughts and daily meditations and prayers. Thank you for sharing with me! Blessings back to you…A

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