333 thoughts on “Drain the Swamp: McCain Admits He is for Globalization, Attacks Trump Overseas in Italy”

  1. For some reason I've always found the tragic very annoying – not because of the young lovers. But one does get so frustrated with all the silly adults, and I find myself grinding my teeth! I'll need to re-read this some time, though. However, not in the near future. This isn't among my Shakespearean favourites…

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  12. . I think that is just about as close to a one-paragraph platfrom for the nationalist right that one could hope for.Perhaps, as a tactical matter, we should consider simply stating what we are for rather than what we are against and then see who opposes in fact.Would not that be more productive than deciding in advance?

  13. 1. Fear of ripple effects (“no more Lehmans”).2. I suppose they could, but it’s much more difficult politically. Most of the executive compensation rhetoric would begin with the phrase, “these banks that are taking taxpayer money . . .” Without that preamble it starts looking more like one-way government interference.

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  15. you and your outfit look gorgeous against the floral backdrop! thanks for getting back to me about your drawing btw. it seems that so many people are using tablets nowadays to create amazing artwork! I’ve been thinking of getting a tablet myself haha

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  20. Dymphna,WRT to abusers, when I was young and lived in the boonies of Vermont, we used to “fix” the situation by giving the bully a very sound thrashing, along with the promise that the retribution would be much worse if ever he abused again. The behind-the- woodshed treatment seemed to work; at least better than today’s remedies.Nowadays, we don’t punish the abusers, except to jail them. And, as I understand it, many even more serious abuses occur when the abuser is released after their first offense.Kind of like catch and release is working in Iraq.

  21. Man, good assessment of Stephanie McMahon. When the Corporate Ministry attempted the kidnap/rape/marriage thing it was my first live RAW (in Hartford), I was 12 and Stone Cold coming to save the day was my favorite thing that had ever happened.It’s still a great memory, but now I kinda wish she had been sacrificed to Paul Bearer or whatever.

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  28. I often wonder if a general amnesty for Israelis will be declared in connection with any of these solutions, or if an attempt will be made to find and prosecute Israeli military personnel who are suspected of war crimes or civilian crimes against Palestinians.

  29. I love this post. Thank you for reminding me that my struggles, and crazy inner dialogue is not just mine! It similar to thousands of normal moms everywhere. We have different kids, husbands, jobs…completely different lives…yet we are dealing with the same (very mean) brain that make us feel like failures.You rock!Julie recently posted..

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  35. Wow, Juliet. What an interesting and insightful post. I love the reminder that we humans like to impose things (our view of the world, our voice) on animals. But that doesn’t honor the animal . . . gosh, we humans can be so arrogant!Thank you for sharing this with us. (And I love the photo. Sweet dog.)Sarah Callender´s last blog post ..Like? 1

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  64. Naomi – too funny. My wife and I were similar and then her mom (who had 9 kids) started laughing at how mental we were. It helped put some perspective on the situation. Good luck to you and I hope your new baby does not procrastinate her arrival in the world.

  65. Hey Nathaniel!!!You're right — I didn't explain that very clearly. I just mean that he didn't like it because he really didn't like the protagonist. He's OK with reading stories where the protagonist isn't sympathetic — but sometimes it can be grating when you find the protagonist to be kind of a jerk. ;^)

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  73. This highlights why a doctor’s or vet’s bedside manner is so important. So many doctors or vets don’t take the time to explain and comfort a patient or the family. Much of our whole health care system — human or animal — doesn’t care about the patient’s feelings or the family’s feelings. I’m so glad you listened to your gut and found a new vet. And even better news that Mekko is ok.

  74. I do have to ask. I came to this via a link which linked, itself, to your 2008 predictions…Given not a single one of those was correct, why on Earth do you believe that you’re correct this time?As a non-American, I find the panic over a centrist politician who would be considered moderately right wing in pretty much any European Country including the UK, to be more than a little… well… odd.

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  166. Mandy Reese-HuftyI would take my 6-year old son, my 2-year old daughter and my husband! We are a Phineas and Ferb fan family! We can’t pick a favorite character…Candice always makes me laugh though This would be a blast and the kids (and hubby) would love it!!

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