SevenFitness – Does Sex needs Physical Strength, Flexibility or Stamina?

Does Sex needs Physical Strength, Flexibility or Stamina?

Does Sex needs Physical Strength, Flexibility or Stamina?

Every man and women wants to have a better sex life.

For many men, the thought of being unable to provide a lasting and satisfying sexual experience for his partner is something that causes stress and anxiety. Similarly for women, unable to please you men with better on the bed skills due to the lack of endurance and flexibility can be a turn off to some. You wish to give the kind of sexual performance that has you hoping he or she’ll brag about it to his/her friends, such that your friends would all be envious of having such a partner.

In training to become better in sex, however, one often becomes indecisive – whether to start off by improving the physical strength, to train muscular endurance for stamina and longer lasting, or just to do some stretching exercises to improve flexibility entirely.

This dilemma in decisions commonly arises due to the fact that sex requires a combination of muscle groups to function, whereby sex requires a strength provides a better movement for pelvic rotations to thrust, better muscular endurance and stamina so that you can last longer, and of course, not to forget having a better flexibility such that you can try out more positions.

Hence, when the question boils down to “Does sex requires physical strength, flexibility or stamina?”, it should be answered as “Sex requires a combination of physical strength, flexibility and stamina”.

Sex needs Physical Strength

Physical strength improves speed

Possessing good physical strength allows one to have the ability to control the speed of your thrust (and this is not one sided). Whether the male prefers a quicker, faster thrust, or whether the female prefers a slow and silky ride, as long as one has strong pelvic muscles and core strength attained from regular exercises, he/she is able to control the speed of the thrust/ride to suit his/her partner’s style of sex.

Physical strength improves power

Some like it rough. Some like it gentle. It all depends on whether your lady or your guy prefers which style of sex. And in order to be able to control that power of your thrust, a good physical strength allows one to be able to adjust the degree of roughness (or gentleness) of sex.

Sex needs Flexibility

Flexibility enhances sex

Do you just wish to be able to hold that particular position or angle because it feels just so good? Or are you unable to find that position that provides you with an orgasmic feel? With better flexibility from regular exercises, you are able to explore more angles and withhold that position for long periods of time. With better flexibility, you are able to enjoy a sexual experience that one you will never not forget.

Flexibility increases the variety of sex positions

Being flexible allows you attempt a wide variety of sex positions that one could only dream of. If you and your partner are flexible, you can constantly try out new sex positions that arises to maximum pleasure. Moreover, the constant exploration of sex can spice up your sex life and improve your relationships as well.

Sex needs Stamina

Stamina improves muscular endurance

Able to have a better stamina allows you to improve your muscular endurance for more thrusting action. Be it whether you are male or female, a better sex life requires the effort from both parties. If the male gets tired from all the thrusting action, the female would have to step up and take on the riding action – and both of this requires muscular endurance, especially from the hips and core. Thus, if one has better muscular endurance, definitely your sex life would be more fulfilling.

Stamina helps you to last longer

Stamina is highly linked to whether how long can one last in sex. If you have low stamina, definitely, your sex life will be unsatisfactory and unpleasing. On the contrary, if you have better stamina, you are able to last longer and provide a much more exciting sexual experience with your partner. You won’t want to ejaculate just after a minute of sex right? Thus, improving your stamina is important in sex.

Therefore, with the points above, it can be seen that sex does require a combination of physical strength, stamina and even flexibility.

How to improve my Physical strength, Flexibility and Stamina for Sex?

Apart from a well-balanced diet and sufficient rest, definitely exercise is the key to improve your physical strength, flexibility and even endurance for sex. These exercises should not be solely focus on cardiovascular exercises that solely improves your stamina, but should also be targeting on muscle groups that can help you to improve your physical strength, muscular endurance and flexibility as well.

With that being said, the top 3 categories for better sex can be categorized as such:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High intensity interval training (HIIT) are one of the best exercises for sex. HIIT consists of heart pumping exercises as well as exercises that can improve your physical strength and muscular endurance as well. Hence, by doing HIIT, you are effectively improving your overall strength and stamina all at one go – killing two birds with one stone

Weight lifting

If you wish to improve your muscular endurance for longer lasting sex, weight lifting should definitely not be neglected. Not only does weight lifting helps one to be able withstand higher number of pelvic movement of thrust and riding for a more pleasurable sex, but weight lifting can also improve the attractiveness of an individual (with more defined/toned figure and muscles).

Stretching exercises

Spice up your sex life with better flexibility, variate your positions for more sex styles – and all these can be achieved only with proper stretching exercises that can aids in improving your flexibility. Adopt both static and dynamic stretching exercises as part of your workout routine and you can see your sex life improving in no time!

5 Effective Exercises to improve Physical strength, Flexibility and Stamina for Sex

Plank Jacks

Bodyweight Exercise/Home Workout: Plank Jacks

Step 1 (Starting Position)
Assume a push-up position, where your arms are fully extended and your legs fully straighten. Ensure that your feet is close together. Straighten your back at all times.

Note: It is highly recommended to conduct this exercise on an exercise mat. This is to prevent any abrasion to your hands.

Step 2
Spread open your legs in a quick manner (about 2 foot distancing apart from one another). Upon reaching the optimal spread distance, bring your feet together and resume back to the starting position. Repeat the cycle continuous for about 1-2 minutes in a moderate-fast pace.

Major Muscle Involved 
Lower Body, Core

Exercise ball Pike Up

Stability Ball Workout: Exercise Ball Pike Up

Step 1 (Starting Position)
Place your shin onto the exercise ball with your feet at the edge of the circumference. Assume a push up position and straighten your back.

Step 2
By using your core muscles, roll the ball towards your body until your tip of the feet is at the edge of the circumference and your core has reached maximum contraction (till your body has reach an inverted “L” shape position). Slowly roll the ball backwards and resume back to the starting position. To ensure that your abdominals are worked effectively, ensure that this exercise is conducted in a slow-moderate pace.

Major Muscles Involved
Lower Abdominal (Core)

Medicine ball Explosive jump

Medicine Ball Workout: Med Ball Explosive Jump

Step 1 (Starting Position)
Hold onto the medicine ball with both hands with your legs bent (to about 90 degrees) in a squat position and your arms fully extended. Make sure your legs are spread wide enough to allow both your arms to be inside your inner thighs. Ensure that this exercise is conducted only when there is a high ceiling or roofing.

Step 2
Jump upwards as high as you can whilst lifting the medicine ball at the same time. Upon landing, resume back to the squatting position and repeat the motion. Ensure that you land the front of your feet at all times. You may throw the medicine ball onto the ground as you come down, and pick up the medicine ball and spring upwards again. This exercise is to be conducted at a moderate-fast pace, so as to use some momentum of the tossing and dropping of the ball to increase your intensity of this exercise.

Major Muscles Involved
Quadriceps (Legs), Glutes (Buttocks), Front Deltoids and Upper Trapezius (Shoulders)

Glute Bridge

Bodyweight Workout/Home Exercise: Glute Bridge

Step 1 (Starting Position)
Lie down on your back with your knees bent. Position your arms behind your lower back in case of abrasion.

Note: It is highly recommended to use an exercise mat for this exercise to prevent abrasion on your lower back.

Step 2
Steadily lift your bum upwards until you have reached maximum contraction (your body should be in an L-shaped position). Hold in that suspended position for at least 10-15 seconds before resuming back to the starting position.

Major Muscles Stretched
Lower Back, Core

Cat Stretch

Bodyweight Workout/Home Exercise: Cat Stretch

Step 1 (Starting Position)
Assume a kneeling push-up position. Ensure your thighs and calves are perpendicular to one another, and that your arms are fully straighten. Tilt your head and look diagonally upwards (about 45 degrees above the imaginary horizontal level parallel to the ground level) and push your bum outwards.

Note: It is highly recommended to use an exercise mat for this exercise to prevent abrasion on your knees.

Step 2
Steadily lift your back upwards and crunch your core (as though you are getting punched in the stomach). Tilt your head downwards and face down ground. Upon reaching maximum contraction, hold that position for at least 10-15 seconds before resuming back to the starting position.

Major Muscles Stretched
Lower Back

Get stronger, flexible and have lasting endurance for better sex today!

Spice up your sex life today with better sex by improving your physical strength, flexibility and stamina as of today! Don’t forget to practice safe sex always!

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