Tools to Help People Engage the Bible | How Do You Pray for Your Church?

   Tools to Help People Engage the Bible | How Do You Pray for Your Church? |
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I have something to admit: I’ve never enjoyed cooking. Thankfully my wife is an excellent cook, and I’m happy to act as her sous chef by chopping veggies and browning meat. But when I’m alone, I typically opt for a simple sandwich, yogurt and granola, or—more often than not—takeout. I don’t see much point in cooking something elaborate for myself because I know I won’t enjoy the process and the results will taste mediocre at best. Because I lack the skill and the passion to cook well, I’m stuck getting food elsewhere.

Many people in our congregations treat Bible reading in the same way I treat cooking. Recent surveys show that individual Bible engagement is down. People are content having Scripture fed to them in small chunks by preachers, teachers, and other Bible “experts” because they lack the skills to do it themselves and the passion to develop those skills. Without either of these things, people will continue relying on others to feed them small doses of Scripture instead of cultivating a lifelong, transforming relationship with God’s Word.

That’s why I’m thrilled to direct you to CT Pastors’ new, free Spring Issue. It is chock full of tools for church leaders to help people engage the Bible. You’ll find innovative ideas for small groups, preaching, women’s ministry, and new believers. I hope it helps you and your ministry team equip your congregants with the skills and the passion needed to wrestle one-on-one with the Word so it can form them as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Blessings in your ministry work,

Kyle Rohane
Managing Editor

P.S. Are you employed by the church? Get a PDF download of Stewardship: Living a Life that Counts bible study by taking the 2017 National Church Compensation Survey:http://CLTSurvey.com/2017.

CT Pastors Spring Issue

Tools to help people engage the Bible.
Pastor, How Do You Pray for Your Church?

10 ministry leaders respond.
Mandy Smith, Joshua Ryan Butler, Lee Eclov, and more
Preaching: Behind the Scenes

A look into the sermon preparation of Daniel Fusco.
Daniel Fusco
8 Tech Tools Every Church Staff Needs

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Practical Training
Being a Shepherd Leader

A shepherd leader not only leads the flock; a shepherd leader knows the flock, spends time with the flock, and personally guides the growth of the flock.
“Sticky” Church

Your Easter service probably brought a wave of guests through your doors. Here are a few ways to make your church as “sticky” as possible and to encourage guests into a full-time, 360-day-a-year commitment to Jesus Christ.

Four Principles for Membership Retention

Closing the back door with a four-legged stool.
Thom Rainer
The Velcro Church

How to help new adherents adhere—here.
Calvin C. Ratz
4 Reasons Our Church Stopped Doing ‘Come and Watch’ Events (And 5 Alternatives)

When a first-time guest comes to a church, they should see our faith at its deepest and best.
by Karl Vaters
Moving People from Spiritual Consumers to Active Participants

It starts with a change in your leadership.
Michael Binder
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Only Jesus can offer forgiveness, both for the evil of history and the evil in my heart.
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How our sinful struggle with sleep became a righteous rest.
Chad Ashby

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