302 thoughts on “Jared Kushner’s remarks at the White House”

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  4. Maybe I like the fact that it’s a Jew who started the Southern Poverty Law Center which tracks racist groups in this country and is one of the best run organizations in A-merry-ca.Field, one correction. Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center is named after one of his dad’s friends who was Jewish. Dees himself is not.

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  8. Hi Lisa,Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I know when it comes to bedtime I want answers NOW! Have you still been having the same problem? For the water, giving him a drink before lights out would be easiest. If it’s always he hears a sound you could ask him to be a detective and figure out what the noise was. Reporting to you in the morning instead of after bedtime. I hope this helps… I really hope you already had it worked out and are enjoying some lovely adult time!

  9. Regression toward the mean:Doe-eyed Bristol Palin, 17, and ruggedly handsome Levi Johnston, an 18-year-old self-described “f—in’ redneck,” have been dating a year, locals in Wasilla, Alaska, told the Daily News.I hate to say that this may be one certain case where Sarah’s political career may be taking precedence over her motherly instincts. Sarah may be pro-life, and believe in marrying when you get knocked up. But how many mother’s would let their daughters marry that guy?Then again, maybe I’m just jealous.

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  14. he doesn’t get jealous but has been relieved when I’ve decided not to see other blind dates. We talk about our kids. We also talk us still doing this when we are old. Lol. Just not sure what to think about what he is thinking/wanting. I’m fine with what we have but do care for him. Advice?

  15. Yea, I’ll take your word, me, that the communists never falsified anything in the 70s and 80s. Proof enough for me… I don’t mean me — Ge’ez… I mean not for me but for you. (Maybe you could add a letter or two or few to your moniker to avoid still more confusion?)Microfilms are copies of written or typed documents, no?I suppose the communists in the 70s and 80s never falsified production reports either.Also, I’m not clear what you are saying about the Nazis above. Are you a Holocaust denier, too?

  16. Lovely post, Lucy – thank you. I quite agree about telling Greek (and other) myths to children. So much of western culture is a closed book to them if they don't know at least the basics of Greek mythology (and Biblical mythology). Hurray for retellings!

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  18. No matter what you say, I like Laarni for she is real, in the sense that she will not be ashamed of what the people think about her, even if others told her that she’s stupid or whatever, all I can say guys is that, be matured enough to understand and discovered the other side of Laarni. Just respect others attitude so that you can begets respect. GOGOGOGO LAARNI………….

  19. My advice to Obama,Kill broadcast TV and radio, in Jan 2010 and replace it with a free (to the user) broadband wireless internet. This does three things one it puts broadcast TV and radio programing into its rightful place, a part of the internet on equal footing with rest of the internet. Two, it stimulates the economy in the short run and transforms it in the medium run. Three, it marks the beginning of a new stage in social evolution in which every person has access at all times to an internet that is ever growing in capabilities.

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  21. Your being real is very refreshing and I feel like keep on keeping on like you do. Most CEOs act as if they are perfect in every way, never fail and are sooo above doing one hundred percent perfect. Who wants to follow that person? Besides it is not true, no one in tis fallen world can even be like that. Thanks again for your real spirit and being a model for us all. I will certainly pray for you with all your pressures. God bless.

  22. Hamilton | Everlution  Yeah man.  They really do want to play on your insecurities. One of the journalists I was talking to at Blogworld was telling me that if they have a murder or something they can incorporate into the story the producers will force you to lead with that.  Crazy huh?  Reply

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  24. Hi Ian,No, there’s no other way, you can only catch it through penetrative sex and orally, too. Was he tested when you first got together? Or since? Know how you feel, my partner gave me Chlamydia and told me he had been tested.Best of luck, take the meds and you’ll be fine x

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  27. inspiration is overrated, but i found that to be inspiring. well, not so much inspiring as confirming one of my thoughts – that even though i am 25 and getting over the hill, i can still pursue my dream of getting a b.a. and more. i’ve been going back and forth on the whole thing, saying “i’m only 25, i can still accomplish my education goals” while the other part of me is going “i’m 25…by the time i finish it all i will be 30…shouldn’t i have a career by 30?” i don’t even know what a career is. anyway, yay you!

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  34. that it is up to each individual to grow on their own and I have heard it said it’s “the church” who is responsible. I feel both are correct as it should be a partnership, a union connected through Christ, almost like a marriage. So a thought just came to my **un-seminar-ied** infant-Christian brain: If the concept of a person “pursuing spiritual growth” through a church is similar to a marriage, read Ephesians 5:21-32. Would we replace “husband” with “church leadership” and “wife” with “church-goer” OR “husband” with “church-goer” and “wife” with “church leadership”??? Or is that just too silly a question?

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  37. Yeah it’s kind of refreshing isn’t it? I just rode my bike all the way home from my church in the pouring down rain and I have to say I loved it! I was really fun. That’s the kinda thing that normally would get me down but not today! I love life!

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  154. Ouch!! This hits close to home. I read a recent study that noted that men that were demeed weekend warriors were more likely to have a cardiac event on the weekends while engaged in physical activity. I think you hit the key. Everything in moderation. Don’t go to event unprepared and hope to just use adrenalin to get you thru to the finishline. That is not a substitute for proper training which includes 20-30 minutes of training 3 times a week, proper rest, good nutrition, and relaxation tecniques (massage/stretching). Moderation!!

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