305 thoughts on “Make America Great Again: Bipartisanship Emerges as a Weapon For Trump”

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  17. Well, of course, you can also review it, Fred. Nothing is stopping you. lol A lot of folks seeem to be comparing previous editions to the new one and therefore their criticism isn’t accurate. I can’t speak to your objections–all I can do is note that I have been sourceing where the books come for some time now and disclosing that to my readers here and elsewhere.

  18. Dr. Parnell, I love that you stated that tax rate needs to be a flat percentage. I have heard if we had a flat income of around 10-15% we would have more money for the government than we do now.I am like you, I would prefer the Fair Tax, but there isn’t a way we can get that implemented in our lifetime, but a flat tax could and would be very simple to do.

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  25. I never thought of that while thinking about this week’s topic, but it’s so true. Sometimes I’ll be more than half=way through a book before I realize I’ve read it before. I’d THOUGHT certain things seemed familiar. This is a beautiful illustration. I’ve not seen your work before. I love the texture created by the text underneath, and the rich darks.

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  30. arrangement it’s bad form for a reporter to craft a story on a political candidate without disclosing the author’s political affiliation and/or who the author would support if the election were imminent. Journalists who feign objectivity are lying to everyone– especially themselves.

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  32. I'm so glad someone not only relates to the “group situations” fear, but can actually offer validation! These things really do come up! Well, I guess more so if you're a teacher than if you're a writer working from home in a tank top and sweats. But still, there are tyrants out there who take pleasure in making big groups of people all wear something they couldn't possibly own. Thank you.

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  47. Wes, as usual it's only their victims who long for peacemindrider, trying to morally educate the people murdering you is not only a betrayal of your own people, but it's a losing propositionnoboat1, indeededward cline, sadly the israeli leadership is as defective as its american and european counterparts but with less room for error

  48. I tend to listen to Radio 1 a lot and it always amazes me how much the news is “dumbed down”. I know I should switch stations, but I must confess to being addicted to the chat, particularly Moyles and Mills. It’s just a shame I’m about 10 years too old for it. (Radio – Teenage Fanclub)

  49. I had to kill off a much loved character in one novel. Not only did I cry when I wrote it, every single edit on that scene had me a teary-eyed mess. I’d be working away, reach that part of the story, and think, “Oh, no! It’s chapter 28!”I can’t do that sort of thing too much… I’d become an emotional basket case if I did. LOL

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  59. It really is scary to take a peek into the mind of a Coalition voter. They seem to take a perverse delight in ignoring evidence. Now they seem to think that scientists are members of the PC “New Class” (New Class is a term Tony Abbott is particularly fond of).Despite overwhelming recent evidence to the contrary, most would refuse to accept that Keynesian economics has worked in this country. So what hope is there that they’ll “believe” in man-made global warming? I wonder if they believe in gravity or that the earth revolves around the sun?

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  151. Ico, o q quer dizer o título do post? Com relação ao alemão… achei sacanagem liberarem esse treino pra ele. Não acho ele tão bom pra figurar numa lista de top 10 de todos os tempos e Valencia será 1 GP imperdível, todo mundo vai querer tirar 1 casquinha. hahaha, abç

  152. Baths have always gotten my kids more energetic too… I always heard they should be relaxing for kids but I know I prefer a nice shower to wake me up. Make sure to use the behavior books for one behavior at a time, they should be short and easy to digest. We used a lot of them over the years with Little M.I will ALWAYS respond quickly to the bedtime post… I know how important a good night sleep is for everyone. Good luck.

  153. Hi Wes,You guys never stop impressing me. Sure hope that all the users out there apreciate all the work that goes into keeping these sites not only running but improving. You can count on my continued support as long as I am able to take a breath.Thank You,Danny

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