319 thoughts on “Make America Safe Again: ICE Arrests 36 Sex Offenders on Long Island”


  2. I think 23andme needs to have a ethnicity option and not just country of birth. I am Kurd from Turkey and there is no option to select Kurdistan or Kurd. Many Kurds from Turkey likely were included in the reference population for Turkey which is wrong. It would be better for Kurds to select Iran rather then any other country as our DNA matchs best with Iranians.

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  21. I agree with all those, but in my case I would place numbers 2 and 4 at the top of the list. I hate lengthy emails – my eyes just glaze over – it takes me an hour to read it and another hour to get back to the sender – too bad. And yes, I do think some people think email is a chat tool… but it’s so not.It’s not surprising that email contributes to so gripes – it’s such a big part of our lives.

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  26. donosti republic / Rosa, lo que no te mata, te hace fuerte. Y los que vivimos en Euskadi, y aun no nos han matado, somos fuertes y el mejor ejemplo es el tuyo, derrochas energía y vehemencia, que es lo que falta en la clase política actual. Son todos unos pusilánimes, con mil compromisos y condicionantes. Tu no tienes nada que perder, por eso hablas alto y claro. Mi voto, para UPyD. Rosa we need you !

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  28. you should not have put pictures of sleeves up here were here are pieces of skin visible that are located between the belly and the neck of a woman. You should never show women skin below the belly. so every good mediafire-muslim-christian knows that you were taken down in truth, because there have been pictures shown where you have not used the normal self-censorship. bla blaI LOVE YOUR BLOG

  29. 79.I don’t blame Kobe for not being angry. I think he may have realized that an angry tone would lump him into the Odom/Bynum category of sore loser. He took his lumps, convincingly, and decided that. I think that helps set Kobe apart, realizing the moment for what it means to everyone involved.I’m likely WAY off on this

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  50. This is a good post for me to read. I have been looking at grace the last couple of days trying to wrap my mind around it. The question I am asking though is can someone just say the “sinner’s prayer” and then continue on in their sinful behaviors and still be saved? If you have time, I would love to know what you think.

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