FBI Deserves a Better Leader Than James Comey

FBI Deserves a Better Leader Than James Comey

The media is feigning shock and surprise over President Trump’s decision to give FBI Director James Comey the ax, but the only real surprise here is that it took Trump this long to get around to it. You think Comey would have been able to keep his job for 100+ days if Hillary Clinton had won the election? Not a chance.

Comey has been parading around Washington as the man above all things political for a long time, even as both Republicans and Democrats have accused him of sticking his thumb on the 2016 scales. His supposedly high-minded principles visibly went to his head, and he carried himself like he – not Trump – was the man with all the power in the Beltway. He found out otherwise on Tuesday evening.

The White House has vehemently denied that Comey’s firing had anything to do with the Russia investigation, but of course, they have to make those denials. But it’s entirely possible that Russia DID have something to do with Trump’s decision. Not because Trump is trying to escape justice – the very thought that he could do that by firing Comey is absurd, and only an idiot would believe otherwise. No, because Comey continues to make statements in public that play into the Democrats’ narrative. This, without ever providing one scintilla of hard evidence proving that the campaign had any improper links to the Russian hacking operation.

A responsible, unbiased FBI Director would have squashed this story already. Or, if the investigation is bearing fruit, would have laid out the case in convincing detail. But with the Russia investigation, Comey appears to be playing the same game as he did in the Hillary case. One can almost imagine him calling another press conference in a month or two so he can blast Trump and his associates for their “grossly careless” actions in the campaign…before recommending that no charges be brought against Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, or Donald Trump himself.

Over the last couple of days, Democrats have all-but-forgotten their months-long campaign against Comey, but the rest of us haven’t. They’re backing away now because they want to use this as another fake puzzle piece in their fake story – a story that could be titled Trump the Traitor. And when all of this comes out in the wash, these Democrats will have a lot of egg to wipe off their collective faces.

And they will owe the American people an enormous apology.

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