Home solar and batteries – an investable match?

Exponential Investor
20 April 2017

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Investing in neglected diseases

Andrew Lockley 18.4.17

You may not realise this, but over 1.4 billion people have diseases known collectively as neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). That’s roughly one in five of the global population. The world is getting richer, meaning modern medicine is reaching out ever further – often to communities previously untouched by organised healthcare.…

Akhil speaks out – part two

Nick O’Connor 17.4.17

Welcome to the second part of our interview with Akhil Patel, editor of Cycles, Trends and Forecasts. You can read part one here. Akhil recently made a controversial prediction. He believes the stockmarket could hit 15,000 here in Britain – double where it is today. Why? That’s what we set…

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