Lawrence: ‘Trump is giving up American jobs to China’

Apr 18, 2017
Lawrence: ‘Trump is giving up American jobs to China’ to get help with N. Korea
President Trump is breaking more promises and still refusing to release his tax returns, which is galvanizing his Democratic opposition. Thousands marched against him and are challenging his GOP supporters in Congress.
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Sanders rallies with Dems to take red seats
Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, talks with Joy-Ann Reid about the relationship between Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party in their unified push to defeat Republicans wherever possible.
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Trump loses ground in key character traits: poll
New Gallup polling has Donald Trump’s approval rating standing at 40 percent, down two points from February. Also, only 45 percent thinks the president keeps his promises. The panel discusses.
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Ossoff on Trump: I don’t have admiration for the man
Jon Ossoff shares his perspective on the United States’ involvement in Syria and North Korea, as well as discusses his political strategy in Georgia’s 6th District 18-candidate race.
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Waters: ‘This president is hiding something’
GOP lawmakers deal with heckling constituents at town halls
Trump on North Korea: I hope things work out well
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