Preibus Out, General Kelly In as Chief of Staff

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  5. Je suis totalement d’accord avec vous ! Le fait de maintenir ceux qui ont le plus de facilités à un niveau inférieur à celui qu’ils peuvent atteindre est encore plus terrible au collège, où l’hétérogénéité des classes est très grande.

  6. Parler publiquement de correction quand la fessée va être mise hors la loi!!Inconscience ou courage politique ?Cela dit, nostalgie, souvenir d’un grand oncle, petit imprimeur charentais mais qui fut MOF avant la Guerre), devant sa casse et menant rondement la correction des lignes de son arpète …sans châtiement corporel.

  7. I'm with K.E.Carl. We all descend upon Washington with the thought we don't leave till all business is settled. And I mean all business. Besides jailing Soetoro, congress, and a few named judges, there are quite a number of media types that are guilty. All of fox news, for one.

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  10. Dear Nancy, thank you so much for your note. I so agree that, unfortunately, we are losing many skills that once were so useful and commonplace. Fortunately we find, in our daily lives here in Umbria, so many that keep alive what we call “mestieri” in Italian, which means profession or expertise crafts. Even keeping a vegetable patch in this area is a mixture of science, philosophy and art. We are still in the – where is the best place to put it! Ciao, Jean

  11. "Heroic fantasy? Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. Just sayin'."Huh, why hasn't anyone picked up on that? Are Lieber's executors asking for an arm and a leg for the rights?It's got buddy movie written all over it.

  12. , Love your card, and oh yeah cute llama too, (or something like that) and I thought….. there was a card??? I had to scroll back!!! lol I did see the card, even read where you hand stitched, loved it, then got totally caught up in all of Llorenzo journey that I totally forgot about the card. Bad demo….bad. lol

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  14. Garamond dit :On en entend de toutes les sortes à la radio et même à la télévision.Beaucoup de bla bla sans véritable connaissance, comme cette journaliste qui prétendait que Obama était plus savant, plus cultivé, plus expérimenté que tous les autres présidents américains avant lui !Faut bien peu connaitre ces grands hommes pour sortir une telle connerie ![]

  15. Rob,"David, I will continue to maintain that I understand your point,"I don't. Perhaps you can explain it to me? Kids have more options than we ever dreamed. And you don't have to pick one. They all work in parallel, they all encourage exploration.I just can't see what more David wants, except "things like it was when I was young". And I don't see the point of that, things are better now.

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  18.   November 20, 2010MPs were justifying their resistance by the fact that the audit would be beyond the scope of the Auditor General’s mandate. Critics to this approach claimed that the decision is not favourable to the image and reputation of parliamentarians, especially given that the Auditor General has audited the Parliament in the past.

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  20. what a group of unprincipled, ignorant cocksuckers.EIS responded to what might charitably be called unfounded(realistically it was stupid)dogma in the article and the ensuing rambling gibberish from the trained seals commenting – and instead of responding in a rational manner you pieces of shit made ad hominem attacks. Exactly what I’d expect from teabaggers – which is what an obot is, one who is angry but too stupid to inform themselves.

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  24. This post came at such a good time…I’m currently job hunting and wondering if it’s going to work out. If it does, I (hopefully!) get to live the dream of working in Paris. If it doesn’t, I leave France after 10 months here and go back to the UK…with no idea what to do. It’s hard to trust God that He’s got it all as I am so desperate to stay here!

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  26. Peter, the Borders and B&N merger isn’t a done deal and won’t be for months or years, if at all. The man who wants this to happen has tried before and failed.And give Google eBooks a little time to work out the bugs before damning it. I’m not a fan of Google, but it does work toward improving itself.

  27. Caro P Porto, um dia tem de ler ” A ética protestante e o espírito do capitalismo”, da Max Weber.Com uma argumentação notável, embora de leitura não muito fácil.E sobre a ética altruísta, tb originada na doutrina da Igreja, Ayn Rand tem uma obra magistral: ” A virtude do egoísmo”. E bate, bate muito não na Igreja, mas em alguns ensinamentos que ele veicula.Mas dou-lhe razão: a coisa não é a preto e branco. E se tiver de fazer um balanço, eu acho que nestes 2000 anos, o saldo é positivo.

  28. Whenever these old theaters close down, they just sit sad and abandoned for years. It's a lost opportunity. I don't often go to movies, but when I want to see one, I'm 10 times more likely to go out and see it at a nice place like the Sunshine Cinema than at a crappy place in a strip mall. It's for the same reason 3D has become trendy for films nowadays…seeing it at a nice theater makes it more of a spectacle. It's not because I grew up with movie palace style theaters…god knows the theater in New Dorp where I saw my first movies was a dump.

  29. Anonymous / We do have a coal room, as do most of the older homes where we live.(Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, known for its historical "Frank Slide"). We have just finished sweping it down, removed the few remaining old coal chunks, & will be shop-vac'ing soon. As per your suggestions, we will use that acid treatment, then do the paintin with that waterproof sealer (rolled, not sprayed!) Thanks for the tips!!!

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  32. PJ Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a genetic disorder that doesn’t go away. The fracture risk is highest during bone growth. My son is 26 and has had about 150 fractures. He has a relatively mild form of the disorder and can still walk and do many things. Thanks for asking!

  33. · Thanks, Lan! I wish you could have seen me and Tim in my hometown’s downtown area, setting up a tripod and taking photos for this header idea we’d talked about, ha! : ) And thanks for your thoughts on creative energy—I am exactly the opposite and often want total quiet to think, so it’s fascinating to hear what works for you!

  34. MAC,Prop 8 opponents view some of the arguments of Prop 8 supports as ignorant, hateful bigotry that have less to do with marriage than it has to do with a fear and dislike of homosexuals.Each side has a real inability to put themselves in the place of the other and consider why what they are doing is offensive.I’m not trying to draw an equivalence here, nor am I claiming that there is one. I’m trying to examine how we got to the point where what we hold sacred is being held up for inappropriate public scrutiny.

  35. Halloween JackNo this is squarely apples fault. You don’t release a much anticipated software update and then say to people “please don’t download it”. Maybe a small company could say that but when you are a massive computer company there is no excuse for not having enough power to handle the rush, especially when this same thing has happened for the past 2 years.

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  37. Hey Sharon, good for you! Sometimes it just takes a little different perspective and doing things a little differently with a new set of personalities and ideas to get the ball rolling. You stayed persistent and that’s what really counts.Good luck to you

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  40. wait, is the anon who was on the verge of e-rage over the use of quotes around the word friend the same anon who now tries to rebut Sailer by making up absurd "excerpts" from Sailer's book and pretending they are representative of its tone?has the unmistakeable whiff of someone getting into a snit over losing an argument

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  49. Hi Kas, the teachers buy in has been because they also see a hole in info literacy skills across the board and are concerned for the kids. Having a couple of dept heads taking the reins also helps the cause. It is all about student learning and support.

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  62. Liebe Katharina,ich komme gerne bei Dir schauen. Ob zur Inspiration oder einfach nur Bilder aus deinem Leben, es gibt täglich was neues. Keine Ahnung wie du das machst, aber ich schaffe das zur Zeit nicht:-(. Danke das du immer so tolle Sachen zeigst. Das ist das Bloggerleben ;)liebste GrüßeSabine

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  64. : great way to manage a meeting. I hate when they go on and on about something, or speak about something irrelevent! @ally : It’s as if they all get ouf of their flats, bag in hand and march to work chanting “The ants go marching one by one hurah, hurah”. Will try to be patient And I agree with praveen, this is your longest comment EVER! Thanks. @ranga : You are just so.wise. Really. Has anyone told you this before? Sigh! You’re one heck of a guy!

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  66. If (as the 2009 paper indicates) the smart-fraction theory is correct, then it would seem to follow that the smartest people generally — not just in the West — find their way to positions of leadership or responsibility. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain how the smartness of a country's smart fraction (as opposed to the country's median smartness) can be positively correlated with the country's success. — JP98

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  71. Great stuff, Tracey. Sweet, out of the every day moments like that really do turn into the most beloved memories. These days, the absolute highlight of our girls’ day is playing outside with the neighborhood kids until it gets dark, which always defined summer for me as a kid. Bedtimes be damned, it’s summer! Thanks for sharing…and reminding.

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  77. Titi comentou em 12 de julho de 2012 às 11:23. Adorei o texto. Também sou uma ‘normal girl’. Gostaria que a deslumbrada da minha cunhada lesse isso e visse que o mundo real não é o mundo que ela vive.

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  101. Stay safe over there. I know a fellow in Manchester and he's been on high alert ready to kick some butt in case some decides to go crazy on his flat.On a happier note I love tins also I'm using an old Christmas one for my patterns now too. I was using an old card box but I like how this tin is sturdy and BIG.

  102. thanks for stopping by. Hmm. I heard the terms of the lease were outrageous and parties couldnt agree. Also heard Hueman had some skin in the game. Thats odd about space. Its huge and plenty for them-in my view. Plus the bbp owner has to know he ain’t getting the equivalent of space like DC or Maryland.

  103. Hard to say for the country. My feeling is that with internet responses (which two of those articles look at) bring only the people with the strongest feelings, and you miss the middle. The difference with my post, is my co-workers didn’t know that their words would show up anywhere else, so it may be a more genuine reaction.

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  105. I think I know this place…when I lived in Bellingham, I used to walk here too.. and had some huge life affirming realizations while walking and moving to my own beat. It’s funny..I love walking with my husband, but here, I wanted to only walk by myself. Lovely post, and I react the same way when life gives me an opportunity for more exposure. I didn’t know why…but your experience helps to shed some light on my own. Thank you for your words.

  106. Hmm. You’re right–transcendent captures it well. It seems like something bigger than the scheme of one-on-one romantic love though, now that I think about it. There are those people who just seem so larger than life that something must be awry, or at least not understood, and they tend to pass on (another stage of life, or even death) before long. Hmm.Yikes there’s much more to think about there..this calls for a drink of whiskey and a good book and some sleep.

  107. Did you know you can "bake" the salt dough in the microwave too? I don't know where I found that recipe (it was a few years ago), but it made fast work out of getting the dough ready to decorate.Glad the crazy driver called to apologize…guess he's not without a conscience (?) after all.

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  110. First of all, I have to say that I love this pattern project you and Melanie are doing! It’s smart, in so many ways. Second, I love these horses. I’d have to go with the middle pattern, just because we have a lot of pink, purple, and horses in the house of girls. 🙂 Love it, Alma!

  111. The best thing about this video was the music. Possibly the worst demonstration of amateur skill masquerading as an instructional video I’ve seen in a long time. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we just saw grade school science experiments. Either way, rank amateurs!

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  153. Jun05Lauren Threw in a daylight photo of the piece.I feel the same way about guitar. I know that it would take years of playing to get good at it and I just choose to devote my time elsewhere. I love it though and do enjoy fiddling around with them, I play drums a little bit too, but again, not good at all… just for fun. Cool that you have this new interest in film and video. Short films are an art in and of itself.

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