Arise, O God, judge the earth!

Arise, O God, judge the earth!

(Psalm 82:8a)


by Pastor Bert Spann

When I was a kid, my dad drove a Jeep Comanche truck.  This truck had a very distinctive sound, and I knew the moment he turned on to Carter street headed our way.  The stick shift would barely make it into third gear before he arrived at 224, our home. 


I know this because most days I couldn’t wait to hear that sound.  I had done nothing wrong that day, so having Daddy home was sheer joy.  On other days, I knew the sound of the Jeep was a death march, for I had done something stupid and that Comanche sound meant Judgement Day had arrived!


I tell you this little part about my growing up years because this morning I read an article, where Anne Graham Lotz is telling the church, “Christians Must Get Prepared for the Rapture.”  She is setting out to remind people that the Lord’s return is soon, and we better be ready.


It’s like this, when Daddy would drive home, and I had already been punished for sins I committed a few days before, I could anticipate his arrival because I knew he was coming home to love on me.  He is my father, and loved hanging out with him.  I had nothing to fear because my sins had already been dealt with.


When Daddy would drive home, and I had sinned that day, I knew that his arrival meant that judgement was still to come.  I was anticipating a time of punishment, and that punishment was never pleasant.


When Jesus came to earth, He came to deal with my sins.  Here is the truth of the matter, for all who are in Christ, Judgement Day has already come and gone.  The cross was God’s judgment of my sins.  His judgement was death, and death He dealt out to Jesus.  For believers, the Lord’s return is like my dad coming home on a normal day.  I could anticipate his return because it was a time for us to enjoy each other.


For those who have rejected Jesus as their personal Savior, Judgement Day is still ahead of them.  There is still a reckoning that must take place, and it is not going to be pleasant. 


In today’s text, David cries, Judge the Earth!


Well, He did.  Jesus hanging on the cross is the maximum judgement He could pour out upon people if they wanted their sins removed.  Judgement Day has come and gone.


For an unbeliever, this cry to Judge the Earth is the saddest day that is still to come.  They will have to pay with their own lives, forever separated from the One Gracious God.  Hell.


My prayer …

Lord, I come to You right now and thank You for already providing Judgment Day.  I thank You that I can now anticipate Your return with nothing but joy and gladness.  I cannot wait to see You.  For those who don’t know You, please open my mouth to declare Your loving provision, for I don’t want others to have to pay for sins on their own.  I love You Lord.  Amen. 

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