How to Find Compassion

He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper,
But he who confesses and forsakes
them will find compassion.

(Proverbs 28:13)


by Mark Whitehead

There is something that all of us have in common.  Every person on the planet messes up.  We all sin.  We all fall short.  It has been that way since Adam and Eve.  Due to this fact, we all need mercy.  We all need compassion.  We all need a loving touch from God.  We all need Jesus.


Proverbs 28 gives the secret to finding a compassionate touch from a loving Savior.  The secret is to not keep our shortcomings a secret.  If we conceal our errors, this proverb teaches that we will not prosper.  There will always be repercussions when we try to hide from God.  He punishes sin for a reason.  He wants to correct us so that we will look more like Jesus.  That is what a loving Father does.  He wants what is best for His children.  So, running and hiding from Him is never the answer.


The answer is to confess our shortcomings.  The Hebrew word used here for confess (yāâ) literally means that we are to acknowledge that God is always “spot on.”  This is confession.  God, you are right.  Your ways are always right.  And I missed the mark that You have set. 


But, it must not end with confession.  The next step is to forsake our sin.  This Hebrew word (ʽāzan) means to leave behind, to abandon, or to leave destitute.  What are the things that I have completely abandoned because I have recognized my shortcomings?  You see, confession is great.  But, it is not true confession without an abandonment of that sin.


As we confess and forsake our sins, we find compassion.  This Hebrew word (rāam) means to be intimately attached.  This is the word that is used for a mother showing tender concern towards her child.  It is a compassion that flows out of a deep sense of attachment.  I hope you are getting this picture.  We have a God that longs for a deep, intimate relationship with us.  He wants a close attachment with His children.  In the moments that we confess and forsake those things that are not from Him, our relationship is nourished…and we find compassion.


My prayer …
Father, thank You for being such a loving Father.  Please continue to keep my heart sensitive to those things that are not from You.  When I mess up, may I be ready for confession and abandonment, and pursue the compassion that comes from a deep, intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father.



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