The Lord Sees and Pays Attention

  • And they have said, “The Lord does not see,

    Nor does the God of Jacob pay heed.”

    (Psalm 94:7)


    by Pastor Bert Spann

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “the Lord does not see what I’m doing?” Even if He does, I will get away with it.  This is no big deal.


    I remember back when I was a boy, I was responsible for cutting the grass. With grass cutting came lawn mower upkeep, like putting gas in the mower. Well, one day I was putting gas in and spilled a little on the concrete ledge.  I thought I would be able to have a little fun and not get caught.  I went in the house and got matches.  I threw a match on the spilled spot, and that day I learned a lesson about gas.  It goes up like a bomb!  Next thing I know, a flame shot up the side of the metal building.  It burned the paint and left a permanent scar.


    I told Mother and Daddy I burned the barn, and it killed me to know that my stupidity was put on display.  There was a permanent burn spot on the shed from then on.  Some lessons linger.


    The writer of this Psalm did not realize the permanence of his literature.  The one’s who said, “the Lord does not see…”, well they were wrong.  This Psalm was written about 590 years before Christ was born.  The Lord not only saw their sins, but decided to keep a public, written record of it for the world to read. It has been in circulation for some 2600 years now, and counting.


    When the Lord sees sin, when He pays heed, there is a record.  Now, the beauty of this record of my sins is that it was done away with on the cross!  Let me say this again, my offenses against the Lord were executed on Calvary!  I’m forgiven.  The debt is paid.  The stains are gone.  The sins removed.  I’m free!


    My prayer …

    Lord, I come to You today a new man.  I am new in Christ, forgiven and whole.  I have sinned greatly against You in my life.  Only the blood of Jesus can cover me, and I thank You that I’m washed clean.  You, and only You, are the Redeemer, and it is Your name that I place my trust.  I love you Lord.  Amen. 

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