SENATE REJECTS OBAMACARE REPEAL – McCain delivers decisive vote – SANCTIONS BILL HEADED TO WH – ‘Holy hell to pay’ if Trump fires Sessions

325 thoughts on “SENATE REJECTS OBAMACARE REPEAL – McCain delivers decisive vote – SANCTIONS BILL HEADED TO WH – ‘Holy hell to pay’ if Trump fires Sessions”

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  31. I was hoping it WOULDN’T be Jim Ball that is replacing David, hoping for Mike Jeffries or Prue Macsween. Jim Ball is just a mean spirited old racist who prays on listeners fears and misunderstandings. David never shied away from criticising aspects of multiculturalism that didn’t work, but he never tarred everyone with the same brush. Jim just hates Muslims and refuses to look at things objectively.

  32. , reality dictates that if part of the "universal body" is cancerous (self destructive), it must be removed without anger, without hatred. It must be removed dispassionately. It must be removed if the rest of the universal body is to survive. Different ingredients go into the fondue/melting pot of life – TRUE. But they must all be edible ingredients. Muslims seen to be the arsenic in our universal fondue.

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  54. I should probably ignore it; sometimes the dumbass is just so blatant it's hard to.At some point someone is going to whine that they had their hours cut, or got laid off, start blaming the 'greedy owner' or 'corporation' or whatever, and I'm going to answer "This is what you voted for; deal with it."That'll get interesting.

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  92. well my understanding (perhaps an urban legend) was that if something was wrong on the Toyota assembly line – they'd fire you for not stopping the line but in America they fire you for stopping the mention of Dodge which according to Consumers R has not made the same strides that GM/FORD have made and yet are selling well because many Americans continue to buy on style and not reliability.there are still some pretty badly made cars in the world…and Toyota did not change them.

  93. Does anyone else think that the temporary authority given to the government to bail out Freddie, Fannie, and a few fortunate mortgage holders will ever be relinquished? I see it as a stepping stone to a complete socialized/militarized department of housing.

  94. I expect to get put out of every job I get in some form or fashion, as my views on working differ from what my ‘bosses’ have in mindI’ve been through it and it’s not pleasant, but at the same time people wake up daily with bullets flying over their head; kind of puts the proper perspective on things if you ask me

  95. My heart broke when it was determined the election went to the “other guy”. I cannot begin to tell you how I admired your courage and devotion to your Husband Mitt and Family. The love between you all was refreshing to witness and very inspiring. Speaking from this household, we think you are plain and simply awesome and would have complimented the White House like it hasn’t been complicated in a very long time. Bless you and your family and keep yourselves well and happy.

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  104. Colin,I think if you re-read what I wrote, I say I think people should be free to discuss these matters and have their views, but it shouldn’t be covered here to the point of obscuring the larger pressing issues.I’ll leave all the sht about progressives etc. aside – strange how an objection to my comment became a referendum on “progressives” – and simply ask: is her description of her fellow americans a little strange, and isn’t it a little strange that phil doesn’t think its strange?

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  117. Romney should broadly 'hint' that when he is elected he will make sure Americans get a good look at Obama's hidey hole, where he's terrified he will be exposed and the establishment media is complicit as well as all the elected officials who put their own comfort ahead of the best interest of the people who are being lied to and duped by these criminal politicians.

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  124. Thanks, James. As the understanding of 2nd person singular pronoun in liturgical usage is disputed, and its use has left contemporary English, we might (along with other English grammar losses & lessening) be sad about its passing, but this is IMO the only way to write contemporary liturgical language. If you are saying that “O God” parallels the 2nd person singular in the case of the address then I fear you are weakening your advocating for it. I think, however, your good points mean I will add it as an option (along with a more expanded address) in the final bringing together of the year’s reworked collects. Blessings.

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  142. What is “glass glue”? I made a cake stand for my wedding using a clear candle dish and an upside-down parfait cup, using clear silicone adhesive to glue it together. While it stuck ok, the glue on the inside of the cup bottom (where the stand connected to the dish) never dried, even after three weeks. It was still white on my wedding day!

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  158. About Richard Cohen: Tuesday's NPR interview with M&W on KPCC in Los Angeles had Cohen as "balance." The interview was typical NPR anodyne pablum, but Cohen was quite revealing of his personal perspective. He accuses the book of lacking an emotional attachment to Israel. />(Scroll down to Tuesday, Sept. 18.)

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  163. Personally, I’d prefer to see more tear gas, bean-bag projectiles and, if that doesn’t settle them down, fire houses and rubber bullets.Different continent, but I could never understand how South Korean ‘students’ could throw petrol bombs aka ‘Molotov Cocktails’ at the police and not immediately draw gunfire in return. Flaming gasoline is considered a dealy weapon here in the US, and assaulting a police officer with a dealy weapon is a sure fire way to suffer lead poisoning.

  164. LOL!! It’s so strange to just have to walk everywhere!! Blah! Booo!! I still game. I can’t help myself! I just find the time! Crazy! Time just seems to fly when you need it to slow down! *sigh* Good to hear from you!♥

  165. I know. Looking back, there are so many things I would have done differently… and so many things I wouldn’t change for the world. Like, I would have gotten a professional haircut. But the “you must pick up that broken glass because children will play in that round-a-bout tomorrow” story- priceless!

  166. Gelukkig zegt de Islam ook dat men niet moet verspillen en vooral voedsel niet….Uiteraard is het niet altijd mogelijk om al het eten op te krijgen. Soms heb je teveel dan dat je dacht nodig te hebben. Maar wij hebben schildpadden thuis en die eten heeeelll veel van ons overgebleven eten ) en brood voor de vogels in de buurt. Nooit geen klein stuk in de prullenbak!

  167. Sounds like your family is having the perfect summer!Just wanted to pop in and check and you guys, say hi and let you know that I’m still breathing.(MD) It’s great to see you, WM! I hope you and yours are having a nice summer as well. Very heartened to know you’re still in the game.

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