Blot Out My Transgressions

Be gracious to me, O God,

according to Your lovingkindness;

According to the greatness of Your compassion

blot out my transgressions. 

(Psalm 51:1)


by Pastor Bert Spann

David could be so arrogant, and what makes me the most upset about this…I see myself in his story.  Perhaps you will see yourself in his story too.  Let’s take a look.


In Psalm 7:8, 9 we read…


The Lord judges the peoples;

Vindicate me, O Lord, according to my righteousness and my integrity that is in me.

O let the evil of the wicked come to an end,

but establish the righteous;

For the righteous God tries the hearts and minds.


For some reason, Cush the Benjaminite is pursuing David.  David feels the very warm breath of death breathing down his neck.  The only thing he can do is to cry out to God.  In this cry, David points out how evil his attacker is, and catch this, how RIGHTEOUS HE IS.  Is David wrong?  That is a debate for another day.  The point is, David appeals to his own integrity and righteousness as a reason for the Lord to deliver him. 


Recap.  David is behaving himself, so he feels that he can appeal to his own righteousness and integrity as a basis for God’s blessing.


Don’t we do the same thing?  When we are behaving ourselves nicely, and we don’t have any outlandish sins to confess, we appeal to God on the basis of our good behavior.  Please don’t be arrogant at this point.  It’s human nature to puff up our own works. 


Then.  THEN, we do something real stupid!  Maybe not like David here (He is busted for having Uriah killed and having extramarital sexual relations with Bathsheba), but dumb and sinful none the less.  We get caught and the last thing we want to do is to appeal to the Lord on our own merit.


Listen to David now. 


Be gracious to me, O God,

according to Your lovingkindness;

According to the greatness of Your compassion

blot out my transgressions.


There is quite a pronoun shift. David has gone from My to Your.   He has moved from an inward focus to a God-ward focus.  He wants God’s character to be the foundation now, not his own.  Sin exposure will do this to a man!


I hate that it came to this, but God used David’s affair and murderous actions to expose the fact that David could never be good enough on his own.  Left to ourselves, anyone and everyone will fall short.  Even David?  Even David.  Even me?  Even me.


My prayer …

Lord, I come to You right now and ask You to help me shift all focus to You.  I don’t ever, EVER want You to judge me according to what I have done or not done.  I know full well that even my righteousness is as filthy rags.  My integrity will always have holes in it.  I am not righteous, holy, or even good.  I am a sinner in desperate need of You judging me based on Your righteousness.  Please, please, look at me only through the Cross of Jesus Christ.  Only at the cross may I come to You.  Amen.

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