You Are My Fortress

But I will sing of your strength,

in the morning I will sing of your love;

for you are my fortress,

my refuge in times of trouble.

(Psalm 59:16)


I love the four o’clock hour.  It is quiet, still, and utterly delightful.  No one is demanding anything. This early in the morning, I don’t have to feel the chasing, hear the calling, or run the race.  I simply enjoy the Lord.  I especially love this time when there are issues going on in life that would consume me.  David knew this pressure.  He wrote this Psalm to describe just this very thing.


Early on in the Psalm, David describes life as one great escape.  There are those who hide in wait, looking for the opportunity to take him down.  David knows the very real pressure of being innocent, but men with sinful lips keep spreading falsehoods.  They act upon David out of ignorance.  They don’t realize he is the innocent party.  They have half the story, Saul’s half, and are now ready to kill David.


I am not on the run from a mad king, and neither are you.  We are not trying to escape with our life, hoping that the spear does not find us.  We do, however, understand some of the pressure that comes when others hunt us down with words.  We do know David’s frustration when people seek us out because they only have half the story.  You and I understand the fast pace of trying to outrun lies.


Because of the race, we greatly appreciate the times we can sit down and rest in the Lord.  I cherish the time I get to spend in the morning singing praises to Him.  No one is around.  No one can judge me.  I simply sing of His strength.  I sing of His love.  In these times, I run into Him as though He is the Everlasting Masada.  He is the true, Loving God.


My prayer …

Lord, I come to You early this morning and I want to enjoy the protection You give, the fortress I run into.  I thank You for these early morning moments of relief, when I can stop running, and enjoy You.  I sing praises to Your name Lord, for You and You alone are mighty to save.  Thank You for knowing, and being, the Truth.  Amen.

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